Salux Nylon Washcloths

I’ve been a loofah user for years. They’re a great way to generate lather from any body wash, so I don’t have to use so much of the stuff when I shower. My only complaints are 1) they don’t exfoliate some areas quite as much as I’d like (elbows, knees, etc), and 2) it’s not always easy to get your entire back with one.

These nylon washcloths by Salux I discovered via Cool Tools last year are the fix. They’re like a mix between a loofah and a bath towel. They generate lots of lather, exfoliate very well without irritating your skin, and are long enough to reach across your back with ease. To top it off, they’re quite durable and dry quickly, so they’re perfect for traveling with.

It exfoliates in an invigorating fashion, and holds enough lather that I only need to apply soap once in a shower unless I deliberately rinse the cloth. […] Ours has seen more countries around the world than wash cycles.

Adam Wunker, Cool Tools

A pack of 3 cloths (in blue, yellow, and pink) is just $13 on Amazon.