SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand + Portable Standing Desk + Bed Tray Table

Not all of us are blessed with an extra room to convert into an office, nor we necessarily have the space for a whole big standing desk. This multifunctional stand/tray thing from SAIJI makes it so we can create a mobile workspace (or relaxation station) just about anywhere.

These are the different modes you can put it in:


You can set it on a table or spacious kitchen counter for a standing desk experience, or place it over your lap on the bed, couch, or floor to have a comfy way to get work done, do some reading, eat a little food while binging Netflix, etc. Either way, you can easily adjust the height (5 settings) and angle (4 settings) as needed with the auto-lock buttons on each side.


The surface of this lightweight but desk has retractable rubber stops on the left to keep your device in place when it’s tilted toward you, and there’s a soft wrist rest on the right for when you want to use a mouse (it also works nicely as a place to set your phone).

When you’re done with your work/play, the legs fold flat underneath so you can stow it away, easy peasy.


Get the stand for $40 on Amazon.