S SECRETLAND Cooling Gel Memory Foam + Individual Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

The last couple months since losing our motorhome have felt like years, but my wife and I are finally starting to get our life back together. We’ve got a new-to-us travel trailer, we’re getting belongings old and new packed into it, and it feels like things will be returning to some semblance of normal soon so we can start traveling again.

However, the mattress that came with this RV… it should be considered a war crime. They might as well have attached some springs to the bed frame platform and called it a day.

Along with those cooling gel memory foam pillows I wrote about the other day, one of the most immediate purchases we needed to make was a new mattress. After doing a good deal of research on various RVing communities, I decided on the S SECRETLAND hybrid mattress-in-a-box, and I haven’t been disappointed one bit.

We opted for the 10-inch-thick Short Queen to fit our rig’s master bedroom, and after the initial 48-hour expansion process, we’ve already concluded that it’s easily the best RV mattress we’ve ever owned. We should’ve made this upgrade years ago.

If I have one quibble, it’s that the very edges of the mattress aren’t quite supportive enough to sit on while putting on shoes, but the space on either side of our bed isn’t really big enough for that anyway. (I also read a long time ago that standing on one foot to put a shoe on the other is good for maintaining your balance skills as you get older, and that’s stuck with me ever since.)

Anyway, I’m really into this purchase and I feel highly satisfied about the value we got for the money spent. The mattress comes in four sizes, each in a variety of thicknesses (thus the price ranges below instead of single amounts):