Ryobi 40W “ONE+” 18V Battery-Powered Soldering Iron

If you do a lot of soldering work, you don’t necessarily want to be locked down to one workbench always, just to be near a particular wall outlet. That’s why a battery-powered one like the Ryobi P3105 is so great. It runs off the company’s own ONE+ compact lithium-ion battery, allowing you to take your soldering setup from place to place as needed.

This iron quickly heats up to 900°F, with an LED status indicator on top of the dock that lets you know when the tip is either heating up, at max temp, or cooling back down. The cord that connects the iron to the dock is three feet long, so alongside the portability of the unit as a whole, you also get a good amount of reach from wherever you place it.

Included in this particular kit ($95) is the soldering iron itself, the compact battery linked above, and of course, the battery charger. Not a bad deal. If you need the most runtime possible, you can upgrade to the P193 ONE+ battery for an increase from 1.5Ah to 6Ah.