RVLock V4 Keyless Entry RV Door Handle

As much as I enjoy living and traveling in an RV, one of the little things that bugs me twice a day, like clockwork, is the terrible quality of the door lock that came with my rig. The mechanism inside is always getting stuck in some way that makes it hard to turn the key. Even made me break a key, once.

Instead of fighting with the thing every time I leave to go to the store or whatever, I should’ve installed the RVLock a long time ago. It’s a keyless entry lock that fits the existing handle slot on the door, and once programmed, you can open it with a key code or simply use the included remote fob as you walk up. Install one of these handles and you’ll have all the convenience of unlocking a car door but for your home-on-wheels.

The RVLock can be paired with up to 10 key fobs, and if you have it installed into multiple doors on the rig, they can all be keyed alike, so you never have to switch between fobs or use different codes to get in. The keypad’s backlight is a life saver at night, too.

The travel trailer and 5th wheel compatible “V4” model is $200 on Amazon. They also have versions compatible with motorhomes (as in the truck-style Class C’s and bus-style Class A’s) and with more compact campers.