The Runwell Watch by Shinola

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a connoisseur of watches. I typically don’t even spend more than twenty bucks on one.

But I do have an appreciation for things that exhibit a certain level of craftsmanship. The Runwell watch, hand-assembled and leather-stitched by Shinola right here in the U.S., seems to fit that bill. As you can see in this close-up video review, there seems to be a lot of care put into this watch, right down to the packaging.

The Runwell is available on Amazon in many colors, and in a few different sizes (28mm, 41mm, and 47mm). The orange-and-black version (pictured above) is particularly striking and my favorite for that reason, but it’s only available directly from Shinola. Wherever you purchase from, prices typically range between $550 and $625.