Roxane Magnetic Wooden Coffee Filter Holder

If you need a drip coffee filter holder that’s always within easy reach, and neither the Chemex organizer nor this wall-mountable holder I recently wrote about quite suits your needs, you might take a look at this magnetic maple one from Japan.

I discovered this neat little item through an interview with Erika Hall on the Cool Tools podcast:

A couple years ago I went to Japan for a conference and I was walking around, just going in the little stores, and I randomly walked into a little boutique that had clothing and a little jewelry, and a little accessories, and a few little home goods. Sitting there on the table was a piece of wood, and it was labeled magnetic coffee filter holder, like it was made for me. I freaked. I just lost it. I was like this solves this intensely, highly specific problem. It’s so elegant, it has no visible magnet. It looks like it’s just this hollow trapezoid shape. It’s perfectly designed for somebody who has a drip coffee maker, because it’s made to hold those cone shaped filters. Every day when I make coffee in the morning it brings me joy because the filters are very tidy right above the coffee maker in such a convenient place. I love it. It’s one of my most beloved objects.

She really says it all right there. This clever fridge accessory is so useful despite its visual simplicity, able to hold around 30 filters at once, which you can quickly grab from anytime you need one.

You can get the holder for $13 at Rakuten Global Market.