Rothy’s Reversible Tote Bag

When I’m buying myself something nice, I often get indecisive about which color I want. It’s true for iPhones, and it’s just as much so for bags. With the former, I can at least get a different-colored minimal case for when I want to switch it up, but with the latter I don’t usually have much choice after the fact.

Thankfully, Rothy’s makes a reversible tote to ease my option-paralysis. This spacious and chic summer bag can be turned inside out to switch colorways on a whim. They’ve got four color sets to choose from, in order of my personal preference:

  1. White & Navy: Soft white solid, or navy blue with bright orange stripes. Comes with bright orange handles.
  2. Red & Cobalt: Bright, fiery red solid, or cobalt blue with cream stripes. Comes with cream handles.
  3. Olive & Yellow: Light olive solid, or bright yellow with navy stripes. Comes with navy handles.
  4. Navy & Pink: Navy blue solid, or hot pink with olive stripes. Comes with olive handles.

These bags are knit from a mix of Rothy’s signature thread β€” a flexible and durable material spun from single-use water bottes (58+ million and counting!) β€” and ocean-bound plastic that’s been collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments. So not only is this a stylish bag for beach trips and such, it’s also a sustainable purchase you can feel good about.

What’s more, the bag is 100% machine washable, so whenever it’s in need of a quick refresh, just toss it in the machine for a spin. Just remember to air-dry the bag afterward, not throw it in the dryer.

Each reversible tote is $175 at Rothy’s.