Ronan “Multi-Cut Quick Change” Cutting Tool Set

Whenever you’ve got a small yet tough cutting job to take care of — whether it’s a hose, a rope, a tree branch, ProPEX tubing, or any other piece of rubber/wood/leather/plastic/linoleum/etc — reach for one of the three tools in Ronan’s Multi-Cut Quick Change set, because one of them is bound to be able to handle it.


The set includes…

  1. The eponymous Multi-Cut Quick Change utility cutter.
  2. A Tubing/Rope Cutter with a more curved head.
  3. A well-made folding utility knife for things like opening boxes, cutting carpet, scoring sheetrock, etc.

The first two of those both finish their cuts against a high-impact plastic anvil (one flat, one curved) to prevent any splintering or fraying of the material you’re cutting. They also make use of an offset pivot point that, unlike a typical pair of scissors, makes use of your entire hand for increased cutting leverage, control, and comfort.

All three tools make use of standard utility razor blades that are easy and quick to replace when needed (hence, “Quick Change”) and there are 9 blades already included within the tools’ handles so you can get to work right away and not have to think about buying new blades for months or years.



Get this awesome cutting tool set for $40 on Amazon.