ROKR “Magic Cello” & “Magic Piano” Wooden Music Box Model Kits

ROKR is a company that specializes in crafting intricate wooden mechanical model kits and 3D puzzles, often with moving parts, gears, and mechanisms that you can assemble without glue or special tools.

Perhaps two of their more whimsical offerings are a pair of wooden wind-up “instrument” music boxes that you assemble yourself:

  1. Magic Cello (model #: AMK63) — 199 pieces, plays Nocturne, Op.9, No.2 in E-flat

  2. Magic Piano (model #: AMK81) — 223 pieces, plays “Canon Variations”

Both of them are impressively detailed in terms of design and moving parts — the latter of which you can observe through the body of the instrument as it operates — and each makes an elegant display piece that comes to life whenever you desire it.

Normally the kits are priced at around $40 each, but you can buy them both as a bundle for $67 and save some money. Happy building and listening! 🎼🎻🎹⚙️