Rocketbook “Core” Reusable Smart Notebook

In a world where digital organization is king, finding the perfect balance between analog and digital note-taking can be a game-changer. Enter the Rocketbook Core notebook, a clever fusion of old-school pen and paper with modern digital convenience.

It looks and feels like your typical notebook at first, but the “paper” is actually a polyester composite that can be wiped completely clean with a moist towel, allowing you to reuse the pages over and over and over again and thus eliminate piles of single-use paper waste.

You write on the Core using an erasable gel pen such as the Pilot Frixion, and one black pen from that line is included with the notebook, along with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


But fear not, my fellow note hoarders; just because the pages can be erased doesn’t mean your notes have to disappear forever.

The other half of the Rocketbook ecosystem involves a free companion app that uses your camera to intelligently scan and digitize all those handwritten notes and have them sent to your favorite cloud services or elsewhere. THEN you can wipe the page clean and start again.


One of the coolest parts of this systesm? If you look along the bottom of each Core page, you’ll see a series of seven symbols:


In the Rocketbook app, you can assign a save destination for each symbol, so that when you scan your notes with a given symbol marked out, it will automatically send your document to the appropriate place.

For example, you could set the star symbol to send your meeting notes directly to your shared team folder in Dropbox, or designate the diamond symbol to send your class notes to a specific folder in Google Drive, or have the clover symbol drop your brainstorms and idea clouds into Evernote, or have the bell symbol message the note to someone directly.


The Rocketbook Core is the perfect marriage of traditional writing and modern tech. Forget having all your old notes scattered around your desk, unorganized, and forget about paper waste while you’re at it. It comes in a bunch of colors and your choice of Letter, Executive, and Mini sizes.