‘Rock Me Archimedes’ Marble Balance Game

Rock Me Archimedes is a marble/board game that appeals to me on several levels:

  1. Brainy level: It’s a simple game to pick up, but has enough strategic complexity to keep things interesting. The goal: Get four marbles from the center to your end zone before your opponent does, and without the board touching the table during your turn.
  2. Geeky level: The game was inspired by the Greek mathematician of the same name, who first explained the principle of the lever.
  3. Parent level: It’s great for all ages. As Laura Grace Weldon of GeekMom put it:

    It’s said to be for ages eight and up, but we’ve found that much younger children (with supervision) enjoy using the game for open-ended play. Three-year-old Millie recently spent nearly an hour lining up black and white marbles on the game board in different configurations without tipping it.

See the game in action here:

Now, Rock Me Archimedes actually is available on Amazon and your purchase there would support our work here at Tools & Toys (in which case, you have our many thanks), but it costs no less than $50 used. So, I will instead direct you to Marbles: The Brain Store, where the game is just $35 new.