Rightline Gear “Moki” Car Door Step

Named for the clever vertical climbing holds used by cliff-dwelling Puebloans long ago, the Moki Door Step offers a quick and convenient way to gain access to the roof of just about any vehicle.

You simply hook it onto the U-shaped door latch and boom, you’ve got a solid little platform to stand on! When you’re done, it unhooks just as easily and can be stowed away in the trunk or elsewhere.

Inventors Zachary and Alyssa Brown presented the Moki step on Shark Tank in 2019 and they walked out as millionaires, which sure is something.

The Moki is super useful for things like securing outdoor equipment or a cargo carrier to a roof rack, washing your car, scraping thick snow off the roof.


It supports up to 400 pounds (and that’s far under what the latch itself is capable of holding), so you can feel safe standing on it with both feet — however, whether or not your particular vehicle’s door frame is built to handle that is another question, so do some due diligence before buying.

Get the original Moki Door Step for $45 on Amazon. They also now have a newer folding version for $36.