Watch Review

The Apple Watch is my alarm clock, my fitness tracker, my notification center, my speakerphone, my assistant, and most importantly, my elegant timepiece. Happily ever after, right?

iPhone Review

“Totally man. All iPhones are great. But this one is just so sick. I think I’m going to get the matte black one.”

Bag Review

This little pouch offers some incredible value, and even if you don’t take advantage of the myriad of ways it can be worn and carried, it will likely still have features that can replace some gear pouch or dopp kit you already own.

Connected Camera Review

Never one to pick up a 'full-fledged camera', my wife happily pops the DxO One in her bag on a trip to the beach or while out with friends, and that may be the absolute best use-case for a camera like this.

Camera Lens Review

The ultra-wide angle zoom has long been a staple in the landscape photographer’s kit. Though not perfect, this Sony/Zeiss collaboration delivers great optical performance, hitting many of the right notes with only a few minor issues. It’s a keeper.

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