reMarkable 2 “Paper” Tablet

Let’s say you’re looking for another marriage of paper and digital, except in this case your preferences lean more towards the latter than the former. Friend, what you seek is the “reMarkable 2” e-ink tablet.

This digital notepad is designed to mimic the feel of writing on paper, making it popular among note-takers, sketch artists, and anyone who prefers the tactile experience of handwriting over typing.


Picture this: you’re in a bustling cafe, sipping on your favorite brew, when inspiration strikes. With the reMarkable 2 in hand, you can effortlessly capture that fleeting idea before it slips away. The device’s textured paper-like display, responsive stylus, and crisp monochrome “ink” technology all offer a writing experience so natural, you’ll forget you’re using a digital device.

Whether you’re jotting down meeting notes, sketching out a new design, or simply doodling to unwind, the reMarkable 2 empowers you to express yourself with ease. It’s also a fantastic way to read ebooks, mark up documents, sign PDF files, and more.


Students, professionals, and creatives alike will appreciate the reMarkable’s refreshing lack of distractions. There are no pop-up ads, no notifications, no social media feeds, no web browsing — just you and your thoughts.

At just 0.19 inches (4.7 mm) thick, the tablet is incredibly easy to take and work on anywhere, and its long battery life means you can go up to two weeks without needing to recharge, ensuring you stay productive no matter where life takes you.


The reMarkable 2 tablet includes a free year of the company’s Connect sync/storage service and is $449 on Amazon. They also offer bundles that include either the polymer Folio sleeve ($549) or leather Book folio ($599).