Razer Mechanical Switch Keyboard for 12.9″ iPad Pro

Razer recently announced the Mechanical Keyboard Case, designed to work with the 12.9″ iPad Pro. It’s the first mechanical switch keyboard designed specifically for that device, and it will essentially turn your iPad Pro into a full-on laptop clone, albeit one with a more clickety-clackety typing experience.

Here are some of the features they’re touting:

  • Low-profile mechanical switches with 70g actuation force
  • Optimized actuation and reset points
  • Slim chiclet keycaps
  • Metal kickstand
  • Detachable polycarbonate protective case
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Backlit keyboard with 20 brightness levels
  • 10-hour battery life at maximum brightness, or 600 hours with backlighting turned off

Get the Mechanical Keyboard Case for $170 at Razer’s online store. (Now if only they’d make one for the 9.7″ iPad Pro…)