Razer “Kishi Ultra” USB-C Gaming Controller Grip for iPhone 15, iPad mini, and Android Tablets

Razer has once again released a new addition to their popular “Kishi” family of mobile gaming controller grips: the Kishi Ultra, which boasts a truly full-sized form factor and more pro-grade console features than its relatively compact predecessors.

This larger size allows the Kishi Ultra to accomodate a wider variety of devices than ever, including small tablets:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPad Mini (6th gen)
  • Android phones running Android 12 or higher (and have a USB-C port)
  • Android tablets up to 8″ (also with a USB-C port)

Even without a device cradled in it, the Kishi Ultra can be used as a standalone low-latency controller by wiring it to a laptop or iPad via USB-C, in which case you’ll still have support for haptic vibrations and 3.5 mm audio.


Whatever platform you decide to play on, you’ll appreciate the console-sized Hall Effect triggers backed by additional bumpers for greater control, the full-sized pro-grade analog thumb sticks made of medical-grade rubber and with anti-friction rings, programmable L4 and R4 multifunction buttons, and the high amount of customization you have over haptic strength, button remapping, RGB light effects, and more.


Get the Razer Kishi Ultra for $150 on Amazon and enjoy a true console gaming experience on mobile. 🎮📱