Ravensburger “Krypt” Jigsaw Puzzle in Black

Photo via u/nastyimmigrant (Reddit)

Remember that solid gold-colored puzzle by Ravensburger that I wrote about three years ago (almost to the day, give or take 11)? The one you have to rely on puzzle shape alone to solve, since there’s no picture or even color gradient on the pieces to offer clues?

Well, I’ve been keeping my eye out off and on for the black version of the puzzle to come back in stock since it’s been unavailable for so long — especially after seeing this Reddit post — and when I went to look again today, I saw that it’s finally returned!

The premise here is mostly the same as the gold one: Each of the 736 pieces of this jigsaw has a completely unique shape, which certainly keeps things interesting, except this time the completed puzzle creates a less straightforward shape. The gold one was essentially a spiral in the center of a rectangular field; the black one is more of an uneven radial pattern.

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