RAPTIC “Link + Lock” Anti-Theft Travel Carabiner for Apple AirTag

When traveling, keeping your belongings safe should be one of your top priorities. Being able to track it with an Apple AirTag helps, but how do you ensure the AirTag itself isn’t stolen or removed?

Enter the Link + Lock. This AirTag carabiner has a three-digit combination lock built into the gate/arm, so it can’t be quickly opened by a passing pickpocket. Like most anti-theft measures, it’s not 100% defensible against a highly motivated thief, but sometimes a deterrent against “easy” crime is all you need.

💡 Pro tip: Practice setting the combination and opening it a few times BEFORE you ever put your AirTag into it. Once in there, it’s a real pain to remove if you forget the code.

Get the carabiner for $26 on Amazon.