Quotify for iPhone and iPad

I’ve always been something of a digital packrat. I’ve gone through all manner of apps and websites and bookmarking systems over the years — from Evernote to Pinboard to Huffduffer to Instapaper to Simplenote to Bear and beyond — that help me keep things organized since my brain can’t handle all of it.

When it comes to capturing my favorite quotes though, my old go-to was Lickability’s Quotebook, which I last wrote about a decade ago and once reviewed on my own blog. Unfortunately, they pulled the plug in 2016 and while I can technically use the app today, it doesn’t quite function the way it used to :(

But it seems that developer Jay Hickey realized there was still a need for this kind of app, so he made one: Quotify for iOS.


Quotify similarly lets you save and organize quotes from just about anywhere — even if it comes from an audio source. If you’re listening to a podcast in Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or Castro, you can have Quotify take a snippet of it (based on timestamps you select) and it’ll convert the audio quote into text on the fly!

You can also have quotes displayed in widgets on your home screen:


Now, I should note that there are several features tucked behind a modest “Premium” subscription, including backup and sync across devices, the ability to save unlimited quotes (only 25 are allowed by default), daily quote notifications to keep you inspired, and the ability to automatically attach source info to quotes sent from other apps.

Quotify is free to download and use, and the Premium subscription is something you can either pay $1/month for indefinitely (and it includes a one-week trial before you commit), or you can opt for the $20 lifetime unlock.