QALO Silicone Wedding Rings

The idea of wearing a medical-grade silicone wedding band rather than a metal one seems strange until you’ve given it some thought and realized how many uses for it there are:

  1. Workplace safety — Silicone rings are non-conductive and heat-resistant, and they don’t snag on things as often as metal ones.
  2. Active lifestyles — These things are great for wearing at the gym, or while running, cycling, rock climbing, playing sports, etc. If you lose enough weight that your metal ring starts sliding off, a silicone one works great as an in-betweener while you resize/replace the other one.
  3. Affordability — Whether you wear them permanently or only occasionally, silicone rings are waaay cheaper than traditional metal ones.

And there are probably more I’m not thinking of.

A company called QALO offers a line of well-made silicone rings that come in a variety of colors and sizes for $20–$25 on Amazon. Nothing too fancy here, just a solid product that a lot of people across various careers and lifestyles have found useful.

I do recommend ordering a size up from what you normally would though, as they fit a little snug. Also, water can sometimes get trapped underneath, so be aware of that while showering/swimming/etc.