PUR Classic 11-cup Water Filter Pitcher

As a family who lives in a travel trailer full-time, we end up being connected to various water sources at campgrounds and RV parks around the country. Sometimes the water’s fine; other times…not so much. We’ve been guilty of buying water jugs or large packs of bottled water and sticking those in the fridge, rather than simply filtering from the tap.

It feels wrong to keep up this habit even if we recycle the containers, so we decided to pick up this PUR 11-cup filter pitcher based on The Sweethome’s recommendation and testing. It’s comfortable to use, has a large reservoir, and produces great-tasting and virtually contaminant-free water. It also sports an LED light that tells you when to change the filter β€” each of which lasts up to 40 gallons (or about two months’ use) β€” but I have my doubts about its accuracy.

The main quibble I’ve seen from The Sweethome’s review (which a bunch of Amazon reviewers concur with) is that PUR’s filters tend to clog after a while, making the actual filtering process take hours longer to complete. I haven’t experienced this myself yet, but as they state in their “flaws but not dealbreakers” section, PUR will replace filters that exhibit this issue if you call their customer service line: 800-787-5463

Get the pitcher for $28 at Amazon.