“Prynt Pocket” Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

The super compact Prynt Pocket is a great way to print photos right off your iPhone. You can print anything from your camera roll, or from Instagram and/or Snapchat, or you can shoot and print in “real time” (each photo takes ~30sec to print). Similar to the Polaroid ZIP, the Prynt uses zero-ink sticker paper, which has a peel-off backing to turn any photo into a sticker.

There’s also a neat trick you can do with this printer: The free Prynt app lets you “embed” a video inside any printed photo, which a friend or family member can then scan with their own copy of the app to play the video clip “over” the photo, augmented reality-style. It feels a bit like looking at a moving image in Harry Potter or something.

Get the Prynt Pocket for $150 on Amazon.