Product Stop Damaged Screw Remover & Extractor Set

Just about anyone who’s ever used a power drill has stripped (or otherwise damaged) a screw at one time or another. It’s just so easy to do with one of those things. If you get yourself into such a bind during a home improvement project or even while assembling a kid’s electronic toy, this four-piece screw extractor set by Product Stop will be a lifesaver.

Each of the four different-sized drill bits in the set has two sides: One end is for first “drilling out” the head of the screw, and the other one — the threaded side — is then run in reverse to grip the new hole to easily remove the screw. Here’s an explainer video that is technically for a competing screw extractor set but the principles are the same.

The bits are made from twice-tempered 60HRC tool steel, which is plenty strong enough to handle most screws you’ll find outside of industrial/commercial projects. If you come across anything tougher than that though, beware because it may actually break the screw extractor bit.

Get the set for $16 on Amazon.