Prizmo — Text Scanner and OCR for iOS

Prizmo is an iOS app that lets you use your device’s camera to scan text and do all sorts of neat things with it. The scanned text can be exported directly, or saved in PDF or image form to be sent elsewhere. But that’s only the beginning.

It understands over 40 languages (10 are built-in, the rest must be purchased) and it can speak 20 of them. This makes it a great tool for translating obscure menu items at your favorite upscale restaurant, amongst other things.

But the real reason I wanted to talk about Prizmo here was because of the URL-scheme workflow shown in this video. Basically, you install this action in Launch Center Pro (be sure to change ‘DEVICENAME’ to the correct recipient!), scan some text with Prizmo, and it uses Command-C to send that text to your Mac or another iOS device. I really could’ve used this when I was trying to capture quotes from Stephen King’s On Writing.

If you’re in need of an awesome text-scanner for iPhone or iPad, pick up Prizmo from the iOS App Store for $10.