Presto 22-inch Ceramic Electric Griddle

Sometimes, cooking breakfast for a family of four (or more) feels like running a too-tiny restaurant kitchen. You just wanted to make bacon, eggs, and pancakes for the fun of it, and it turns into this whole…thing, because all you have to work with is a simple nonstick skillet, and it’s a nice skillet at that, but doesn’t necessarily make it easy to quickly crank out a big meal.

For those occasions, the Presto 07062 ceramic griddle is a real game-changer. With its 22″ x 12″ textured nonstick cooking surface — which has excellent heat distribution, by the way — you can fit a whole lot of food on there at once:


When you’re done, the griddle is easy to clean up because the food grease has been captured in the slide-out drip tray, and once you’ve removed the electric temperature control unit, the griddle itself can be fully submerged for washing.

The removable handles are also easy to take off when needed, which makes storing the thing between uses a lot more sensible:


One small thing I like that they don’t advertise is the raised edge around the cooking surface, which is great for scraping stuff off your spatula while cooking.

This is just an awesome oversized electric griddle that’s perfect for large meals at home or entertaining party guests, and it can be yours for $50 on Amazon.