Pre-order these Microsoft Windows Ugly Sweaters

Never been more excited to get an in-stock notification

Cabel Sasser (@cabel)

As you may know, we’re all-in on Apple technology here at T&T (and of course over at The Sweet Setup too). So, we don’t typically find ourselves talking about Microsoft…well, anything really β€” but these ugly Windows sweaters they’re selling? Yeah, we’ll make an exception.

They’ve got three fantastically appalling designs to choose from:

  1. MS Paint
  2. Windows XP
  3. Windows 95

Even as Apple nerds through and through, we’d be proud to wear these around town, Christmas season or no. Which we’ll probably have to do anyway, since they’ve already received so many orders that all three styles are on backorder until January 29th, 2021 😩

In any case, we also appreciate that for every sweater ordered between December 1st and December 23rd, 2020, Microsoft’s donating $20 to the Girls Who Code non-profit, with a minimum contribution of $50K.

Pre-order any of the sweaters for $70 each at the Xbox Gear Shop.