Pre-order the ‘Tasting History’ Cookbook by Max Miller

Max Miller’s delightful Tasting History YouTube channel is a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine and my wife’s. It’s one of the things we can always turn to when we’re in need of something fun and interesting to watch, and while we’ve never attempted any of the recipes he’s shared, we always enjoy the deep dives into the histories behind them.

Well now Max has a cookbook coming out next year based on those very recipes, so we will have the perfect excuse to go back and actually start making them.

The full title of the book is Tasting History: Explore the Past through 4,000 Years of Recipes, and like the channel itself, it promises to take you on a culinary adventure through time and around the world, as seen in the description below (bold emphasis mine, intended for those of you who’ve never seen/heard of Tasting History):

What began as a passion project when Max Miller was furloughed during Covid-19 has become a viral YouTube sensation with a million followers amassed in just two years. The Tasting History with Max Miller channel has thrilled food enthusiasts and history buffs alike as Miller recreates a dish from the past, often using historical recipes from vintage texts, but updated for modern kitchens as he tells stories behind the cuisine and culture. From ancient Rome to Ming China to medieval Europe and beyond, Miller has collected the best-loved recipes from around the world and has shared them with his fans. Now, with beautiful photographs portraying the dishes and historical artwork throughout, Tasting History compiles over sixty dishes such as:

  • Tuh’u: a red beet stew with leeks dating back to 1740 BC
  • Globi: deep-fried cheese balls with honey and poppy seeds
  • Soul Cakes: yeasted buns with currants from circa 1600
  • Pumpkin Tourte: a crustless pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon and sugar on top from 1570
  • …and much more.

Including both the original recipes and Miller’s modern recreations, this cookbook is a must-have for any avid cook or history fan looking to experience delicious recipes from the past.

You’d better believe this cookbook will be a hit, so I’d go ahead and get on pre-ordering it if I were you. It releases April 25th, 2023.

Pre-order the book in these formats: