Pre-order the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro

Ring is about to release its best battery-powered doorbell camera yet: the Battery Doorbell Pro, which promises enhanced visibility and more accurate motion detection, with the same wire-free convenience of previous editions.

As its name implies, the Battery Doorbell Pro runs off a rechargeable battery pack rather than being hardwired into your home’s electrical system. This is beneficial for renters and the like who aren’t able to make permanent modifications to their residences — or simply don’t want to mess with anything electrical — as well as anyone who wants to be able to move the device to different locations and needs a portable security solution.

In a first for its wireless offerings, Ring’s Battery Doorbell Pro incorporates radar-powered 3D motion detection, which itself powers the company’s famous Bird’s Eye View functionality that provides an aerial map view of motion events around your home, and sends you alerts on movements within custom-set zones.

Also new are enhanced imaging sensors that deliver clear colors and amazing head-to-toe video clarity even in low light conditions. Moreover, you get access to a full-color “pre-roll” recording feature that silently captures the four seconds prior to a given motion detection so you can see the lead-up to the event in question.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro ships on March 6th, 2024 and can be pre-ordered for $230 on Amazon.