Pre-order the ‘Overview Timelapse’ Photographic Coffee Table Book

The overview effect — which I once mentioned in a 2015 Quality Linkage column — is the natural change of perspective and heightened awareness that comes from seeing Earth from far, far above, in its entirety, as astronauts do. Most of us don’t get to experience it first-hand, so photographic projects like Daily Overview exist to help inspire those sorts of feelings.

As it happens, Overview founder Benjamin Grant and writer Timothy Dougherty have an upcoming coffee table book called Overview Timelapse: How We Change the Earth that will offer 250 mesmerizing satellite images of various cities, landscapes, and geological phenomena to show the almost unbelievable transformative effect humans have had on our homeworld in such a short timeframe:

Change is Earth’s most important and influential constant. From geological changes that take place over millennia, to the growth of civilization, to intense (and increasingly common) weather events exacerbated by a warming climate, the planet is constantly in flux. With areas viewed over various periods of time — days, months, and years — these changes become even more apparent, as does the scale and scope of human impact on Earth.

Overview Timelapse is a compelling photographic survey of the state of change on Earth today. With human activity driving this transformation faster than ever, visible signs can now be seen across the planet. Through its 250 mesmerizing images such as sprawling cities and the patterns created by decades of deforestation, this book offers a fresh perspective of change on Earth from a larger-than-life scale.

This is the kind of book that will likely change how you think about our planet and what we’re continually doing to it.




This book releases on October 13th, 2020. Pre-order it in these formats: