Pre-order the Monogram Creative Console

Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign a month or so ago, Calvin Chu and the rest of the team at Monogram (formerly Palette Gear) are gearing up to release the Creative Console, a modular control surface for doing…well, creative work.


Creative Console is comprised of five distinct modules that can be magnetically connected in any configuration that pleases you:

  1. Monogram Core — The brain that powers it all, the Core boasts an ARM Cortex-M processor and a color display, and comes equipped with two big mechanical keys for switching and previewing profiles.
  2. Orbiter — Includes a pressure-sensitive center disc — which tilts in X/Y directions and can be pressed down as a giant button — and an infinite encoder ring that’s ideal for jog or timeline navigation. Useful for photo editing and music production.
  3. Dial — Three “endless” rotary encoders, each of which doubles as a pressable button for secondary functions. Perfect for adjusting levels in Photoshop, et al.
  4. Slider — Three linear sliders with 60mm of travel, designed for adjusting audio values in music production.
  5. Essential Keys — Three mechanical switches that are larger than the ones on the Monogram Core. Each key supports presses and long presses. Great for having quick access to your most frequently used hotkeys, macros, actions, or notes.

The keys, knobs, and slider tracks of all modules have customizable LED lights that can be color-coded to your liking. Friends, your workspace is gonna look sweeter than ever.



Expected to ship in February 2020, you can pre-order the Creative Console in one of three premade configurations — $330, $430, or $730, respectively — or when the collection finally drops, you’ll be able to choose your own modules as needed.