Pre-order ‘The Human Body Book, 3rd Edition’ by Richard Walker

My nearly 7yo son has become something of an anatomy expert, almost to an embarrassing extent. He can tell you a surprising amount of (accurate!) info about how reproduction works, the effects of certain diseases, how kidneys filter blood, and he even once created his interpretation of the human digestive system in Minecraft.

One of the books he’s obsessed over β€” seriously, for hours upon hours β€” to pick up those kinds of knowledge is the 2nd edition of Richard Walker’s The Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Function, and Disorders, released back in 2013. This is considered one of the books on the subject recommended for kids, just because it’s so thorough and well-illustrated.

The upcoming 3rd edition is slated for release on March 12th, 2019 and is updated to reflect the latest medical information:

The opening chapter, Integrated Body, explains how the parts of the body work together at various levels of size and hierarchy to produce the living whole. It also contains an overview of the major body systems, enlivened by real-life 3D medical scans of the entire body. The chapters that follow provide coverage of the body function by function, system by system. Eleven main body systems are covered in turn, with each section ending on common injuries, diseases, and disorders afflicting that system. The book concludes with a chapter on Growth and Development which looks in detail at how the body changes over the course of a human lifespan.

Trust me, your science-fascinated pupil will totally love this book. Pre-order it for $22 on Amazon.