Pre-order the HORI D-Pad Controller (L) for Nintendo Switch

As much as we love the Nintendo Switch around here, there are some types of games that really need a proper directional pad (D-pad) to play well, rather than a diamond of unconnected arrow buttons. I’m mainly thinking of technically challenging 2D genres like fighting games, puzzlers, and platformers.

Luckily, the Japanese gaming accessory company HORI is planning to release a D-pad controller here in the States that remedies this situation. The only problem is that it comes with its own caveats:

  • It only works in handheld mode; there’s no wireless functionality or ability to set up local multiplayer with it.
  • There’s no motion control gyroscope or rumble built in either.

Basically, you have to really want an honest-to-goodness D-pad on your Switch to make this a worthy purchase. However, if that does describe you, both the Zelda– and Mario-themed versions can be pre-ordered $25 on Amazon. They release on September 18th, 2018.