Pre-order the Doxie Q Portable Scanner

The folks at Doxie recently announced the upcoming Doxie Q portable scanner, which has everything we love about the Doxie Go Plus and Doxie Go Wi-Fi — both released two years ago now — with the addition of:

  • A flip-open document feeder for automatically scanning stacks of paper — up to 8 full-color sheets at a time, or up to four 4×6 photos — and creating a PDF of each stack. Thanks to the Doxie app, the feeder even works nicely with double-sided documents.
  • Better battery capacity that now allows for up to 1,000 scans per charge (up from 300).
  • Now includes an 8GB SD card, which has enough space for 4,000 scans (over the built-in memory’s capacity for 1,600).

As you can see from Doxie’s product comparison page, the Q is a tad bigger + heavier than the Go Plus and Go Wi-Fi, but its automatic feeder is a worthy tradeoff and will likely make it easier than ever to go paperless.

The automatic document feeder, flipped open.

The automatic document feeder, flipped open.

The Doxie Q is slated for release on December 13th, 2016, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon now for $299.