Pre-order Ten One Design’s Blockhead Charger Adapter

Ten One Design has announced one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that products: the Blockhead charger adapter. It snaps onto any Apple charger rated for 10 watts or higher (like the ones that come with iPads and MacBooks) much like the default prongs, except that they face sideways so the charger can sit flat against the wall.

The most obvious use for this is with outlets behind chairs and other objects, but it also has the added benefits of (1) bringing the charger’s center of mass closer to the wall, and (2) directing the cord downward along the wall at a more natural angle. What that means is there’s less tension on both the plug (which helps it stay in the wall better) and the cord (so you hopefully won’t have to replace it as often).

The Blockhead is expected to start shipping in late-April 2016. You can pre-order one for $20 at Ten One Design. You can also order a set of two for $35.