Pre-order ‘Stillness is the Key’ by Ryan Holiday

For anyone on the prowl for books on mindfulness, you can hardly do better than Ryan Holiday’s acclaimed titles, The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy, in which he draws on classical teachings and ethics of the Stoics to provide lessons on resilience and humility in today’s world.

Soon, he’ll be releasing a new book to complete what we now know is a trilogy. Arriving on October 1st, 2019, Stillness is the Key aims to offer a calming antidote to the stresses of today’s “always on” cycle of news and social media, by showing you how to slow down as the world continues speeding up.

Here’s what he wrote about it in an email dispatch:

Stillness one of the only themes we see pop up independently in Stoicism, in Buddhism, in Christianity, in Confucianism, Islam, Judaism, and Epicureanism. There’s a reason all these schools focus on it—because it’s one of the strongest forces in the universe. It’s the ability to slow down, to clarify your thinking, to seize on what’s essential, to be present, to lock into whatever you’re doing. Stillness is not just somebody sitting down and meditating—it is what the archer uses, the painter in a flow state before a canvas, the general sending troops into battle, the mother calming a distraught infant, a walk in the woods to relax after a tough day. We need stillness to use in real life.

You’ve felt it before and you know it’s everything. So that’s what my book is about. It’s filled with examples from history and philosophy that show you what stillness is, how to bring it out of yourself (because it’s inside us already) and how to use it and cherish it. It’s a short, punchy book and I promise it will make you better. Writing it made me better and it has fundamentally changed my daily practices.

In that same newsletter he says it’s the best writing he’s ever done, so I for one am very excited to see this book come out.

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