Pre-order Hershey’s “Fresh From the Factory” Kit Kat Bars

Did you know you can occasionally get your hands on candy fresh from the Hershey factory? They recently wrapped up their limited-time promotion for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and now they’re taking pre-orders for factory-fresh Kit Kat bars.

For $28 + shipping ($9 domestically here in the US), you get a container filled with 3.7 pounds of Kit Kat bars, ready to be shared with friends and family (or more likely, hoarded for yourself like the treasures they are). If you’re worried about the bars melting in transit, they offer a “COOLSHIP” option for $13 (so just a few bucks more than the standard shipping rate), wherein they “carefully pack your order into an insulated container with a reusable non-toxic liquid ice pack” to keep the bars cool until they reach your door.

Pre-order these Kit Kat bars at Orders ship out the week of April 18th, 2016.