Pre-order ‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday

Earlier this week, Ryan Holiday — probably best known for his acclaimed book, The Obstacle is the Way, along with his Reading List newsletterannounced that he has a new book coming out soon: Ego is the Enemy.

In this book, he will draw on the philosophy of the Stoics and other famous historical figures to show the importance of humility even in the wake of success:

What do we do when our greatest obstacle is ourselves? How do we conquer the arrogance that comes with success or the blinding focus that accompanies ambition? In every phase of life—whether we’re aspiring to something, reaping the rewards of success or dealing with the difficulties of adversity or failure—ego is our enemy. It is the worst ingredient to add into any situation.

Ego is the Enemy is slated for release on June 14th, 2016. You can pre-order the book as a hardcover ($15), in Kindle format ($13), or on the iBookstore ($13).

Note: If you do pre-order, you should know that he has a variety of bonuses you can receive based on the number of copies you order. Read his announcement post for more details. (You must live in the US to earn any prize that involves Ryan mailing something to you.)