Pre-order Edit for iOS

I know, I know, two “pre-order” posts in one day. I just can’t help it though, because I’m excited about Kyle “K.Q.” Dreger’s upcoming writing app, Edit for iOS.

The first thing you need to know is that Edit isn’t going to be full-fledged text editor with all the bells and whistles. It won’t even store multiple notes. Instead, it will act as a fast, single-page scratchpad for your thoughts. The app’s webpage explains (bold emphasis mine):

Edit is a tasteful place to write. Think of it as a single page of paper, not a notebook. You get a single note, and whatever you leave in the app will be there when you get back. Once you’re done writing, you can send or save your text to anywhere in iOS via the Share Sheet.

And over here, Dreger adds:

I’ve found that Edit complements many of the other great writing and note taking apps out there instead of competing with them. You can quickly drop a thought in Edit, let it sit, come back later, punch it up, and then export what you’ve written to anywhere in iOS. Over the past year, I’ve used Edit to jot down journal entries, tweak tweets, or as a place of reference for important information I need throughout the day.

The app will release a couple weeks from now — on June 19th, 2018 — and can be pre-ordered from the iOS App Store for two bucks.