PowerLix “MilkPro” Handheld Milk Frother

Let’s say you like the occasional latte or cappuccino but you don’t wanna buy a whole espresso machine about it. Perhaps you just need an easier way to stir hot cocoa powder into milk without leaving chunks behind. Or, maybe you’re wanting to try your hand at making tiny batches of homemade whipped cream.

Whatever the case, you’ll dig the PowerLix MilkPro milk frother. It’s a handheld gizmo that whips milk up into a luxurious froth, which you can then pour your coffee into. It’s like having a luxurious morning cappuccino in Europe, right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Since it’s battery operated, there are no wires to mess with — just grab it off the stand and start frothing. It’s also got a surprisingly powerful motor, able to froth a half- or even quarter-full cup of warm milk all the way to the top, no problem. When you’re done, just place the tip in a glass of hot water and whizz up to clean it.

You can get the frother in black or red for $15 on Amazon.