PowerBeats 3

While I love my AirPods, they did start to flake out after a humid summer of outdoor running. I live in the southern US, and I run 50+ miles per month, so that probably contributed to their demise (Apple replaced under warranty). I decided I needed a pair of headphones better suited for running. I ended up with the PowerBeats 3. I loved my Powerbeats 2, so it was an easy decision.

It has the Apple W1 chip for easy pairing with an iPhone, a 12 hour battery, and includes volume controls on the cord (I forgot how much I loved this). If you need a solid pair of workout headphones, I highly recommend these. I picked up the blue ones, and they look great. They are super comfortable, and don’t bounce around while running and working out.

Grab a pair on Amazon for for $199.99