Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener

After a lifetime of prodding from my dad, I finally started carrying a pocket knife a few months ago. It’s come in handy several times since, but honestly I still don’t need it most days — and when I do, I only ever need the primary knife or maybe the bottle opener. Everything else is extraneous for me.

That’s why I think the Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener, which is currently doing very well on Kickstarter, could be perfect for me. It looks like a nondescript key (albeit one with a built-in bottle opener) and blends in nicely with any keyring, but tucked inside is a surgical-grade folding knife that’s perfect for opening packages and trimming the occasional stray shirt thread. Simple.

They’ve already far surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal and still have 18 days to go. Pledge $18 or more to get a Porter Key Knife for yourself, at $3 less than what it will retail for.