PopSockets “PopPuck” Magnetic Trick & Fidget Toy

Although PopSockets markets their PopPuck as a fidget toy, I would call it more of a “dexterity toy.” It’s made up of a magnetic bowl/catcher that a pair of included magnetic pucks snap into, plus a removable leash that employs magnets of its own to attach onto a keychain, bag, etc.

The idea is, you can do a bunch of tricks with the pucks, typically one-handed:

As you can see, all this flicking and stacking and flipping of the pucks requires more of your attention than a typical fidget toy — not the kind of thing you idly mess around with while watching TV or whatever.

If you remember those Tech Deck fingerboards that were huge back in the ’90s, that’s a more accurate comparison in my opinion. Mastering all the possible tricks you can do with a PopPuck takes some real time and practice before you get really confident with it (not to mention stop launching pucks every which way).


Anyway, this is a really fun little toy for the right person, and you can get a starter kit for $20 on Amazon in a bunch of different colorways.