Polaroid “Now” i‑Type Instant Camera

Take a trip down memory lane and relive a simpler era of photography with the “Polaroid Now” analog instant camera, which takes clear design inspiration from the ’70s-era OneStep camera but with more modern features that make it even easier and more fun to capture life as you live it:

  • Double-lens autofocus system: The camera is smart enough to decide which of its two lenses is more suitable for a given situation/subject, but either way produces that classic Polaroid photo “look.”
  • Double exposures: Press the little white button on the front of the camera and activate the built-in double exposure mode, which blends two separate shots into one Polaroid photo frame. You can see an example of it around 3:30 of this lady’s review, it’s super cool and opens up a lot of doors for creativity.
  • Self-timer: Tap a different button to activate a 9-second timer — just long enough to get in the shot with some friends before the flash goes off.

Unlike the original OneStep, the Polaroid Now is rechargeable via USB rather than relying on batteries within the film packs. Crazy how that used to work, huh? And speaking of film, the Now is compatible with both i-Type film and the older-style (meaning it does have a battery built in) 600 film.

One thing I love about the Now is that it comes in so many vibrant color options:


…although the classic pure white one shown at the top of this post is my favorite of all.

📸 This $140 bundle includes the camera itself plus 8 exposures’ worth of i-Type color film, a transparent hanging album, a V-frame, and a paper frame.