“Pocket Bellow” Telescoping Fire Blower Pipes

Blowing into a fire to keep the flame alive in its early stages — or to revive it when it’s dying — is perhaps one of the most ancient techniques known to man. Know what else is an ancient technique? Getting your face roasted in the process.

Pocket Bellows are a simple, clever way to keep your visage safe. They’re basically like modified versions of old TV/radio antennas, just more tube-like. When extended to their full 20″, you simply blow through the wide end of the metal “straw” while the narrow end is pointed at the base of your fire. Works a charm on even wet kindling to get a fire roaring in minutes.

Not only does this keep your face away from the heat, it also increases your air accuracy and potency like twenty-fold. I just made that number up, but you get the point. The air goes exactly where you want it to, rather than being dispersed and diminishing the returns on all that breath you’re huffing out.

Step up your campfire game by grabbing a two-pack of these nifty little tools for just $5 on Amazon.