PLTY / Playtype Beat Mugs

PLTY’s Beat Mugs are a collection of handleless porcelain mugs that each feature the name of a music genre printed in “The Wave Bold” typeface from the Copenhagen-based company’s parent type foundry, Playtype.

In alphabetical order, the options include:

In the picture above, you’ll see other options that must’ve existed once — “Acid” and “Dub” — but those don’t seem to be available anywhere I’ve been able to find.

Each mug is €19 (~$22 USD) at The unfortunate thing for those of us here in the States is that standard shipping from their site is *€28 (~$33 USD), which is absurdly high compared to the mug itself. If you want a better deal than that, you can try to do some digging around online, but I have yet to find a US-based retailer :(