Planetary Design Airscape Bucket Insert/Lid

Speaking of buckets, if you’ve already got a bucket you’re happy with and only wish it were even better at dry food storage, the Airscape bucket insert/lid might be just the ticket.

Made by Planetary Design, the same folks behind our favorite canister for storing coffee, this insert fits standard-sized buckets in the 3.5- to 7-gallon range, allowing them to perform a similar function by forcing air out as you press the lid all the way down onto whatever’s in the bucket. Whether it’s rice, grains, beans, flour, sugar, livestock feed, pet food, or whatever else, this insert helps you preserve that stuff longer by creating an airtight seal. (And yes, it does fit that LoadOut bucket I linked earlier.)

If you go to the Amazon page, it says that the insert is only available via third-party sellers. However, one of those is actually Planetary Design themselves — weird, right? — and the other is River Colony Trading, which somehow has an even higher seller rating. Either way, the insert will run you ~$18.