Planet E Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

My wife and I do nearly all our grocery shopping at ALDI, even for our coffee beans. It’s super affordable compared to pretty much all other grocery stores and the quality is just as good, if not better.

One of the things that makes their prices so low is that they don’t hire people to bag your stuff at the register, so you have to either a) buy new bags each time you go, b) use any empty display boxes you find in the store — yes, they do allow that — or c) bring bags of your own. In our efforts to be more eco-conscious, we prefer option C.


Planet E’s reusable shopping bags are a solid choice, and I mean that literally. They’re more like collapsible boxes with handles and sturdy walls/bottoms than actual bags, but no less stylish for it. They’re also really roomy to boot.


When you’re not using them for grocery trips, they make great trunk organizers, picnic totes, beach bags, etc — or, you can simply fold them flat until you need them again.


What’s more, they’re made from 80gsm PET, a material created out of recycled plastic bottles, which means the bags are absolutely recyclable themselves when their lifetime is up.

A three-pack like the one you see in the hero image above is $25 on Amazon. They also offer packs of 2 trunk-sized ones for the same price, or you can get two insulated ones like those for $30.