‘Pipmen’ and ‘Pipmen World’ Playing Card Decks

As you may know, we love an interesting playing card deck around here at T&T. You can imagine then why the Pipmen and Pipmen World decks from Ben Jones’ publishing company, Elephant Playing Cards — which has generally had decent support on Kickstarter over the years — intrigued us right away.

In both of these creative decks, the card faces feature fun little stick figures (the so-called “Pipmen”) interacting with the suit symbols (you know, pips), making them something known as transformation decks (thanks for that heads-up, Sam!).

Each card is its own unique and self-contained scene:



But in the case of the colorful Pipmen World deck in particular, the cards can also be combined to create a polyptych image:


These are such playful and inventive decks of cards, and they can be yours for $10–$12 each on Amazon.