PIPEROID Paper Pipe Robot Kits

PIPEROID is a Japanese company that’s been around for more than a decade now, known mostly for their robot character paper craft kits. They’ve got a whole bunch of these things to choose from, each of which is super easy to build — you just have to cut apart the paper tubes that come in the package and assemble the robot using the pre-punched holes. No glue or tape necessary.

When you’re done, you’ve got a little buddy (or set of buddies) that add a bit of personality to any space you display them in. They can each be posed in various ways, so with a little inventiveness you can create fun little scenes like these:




Most of the kits are in the $14–$16 range, so they won’t break the bank unless you’re intent on collecting every single one. The particular kits pictured above (starting from the top left) are “Muscle Joe”, “Rokusuke & Hachi”, “Mantis Harry”, “Snow Giant & Lop & Dwarf”, and “Guyzer & Bean”.